MDLIVE Telehealth

$0 cost benefit for you!

Eligible Participants now have access to a doctor via video or phone 24/7/365.

Register to see a licensed physician anywhere, anytime, at $0 COST to you or your dependents!

You can use MDLIVE when:

  • You need to see a doctor, but can’t fit into your schedule.
  • Your doctor’s office is closed.
  • You feel too sick to leave the house.
  • You need care for your children.
  • You’re traveling and forgot a prescription or need a doctor.

How to Access MDLIVE

MDLIVE Web Portal

Activate on the MDLIVE website at Sign-up for virtual access to Board Certified Doctors, Therapists and Dermatologists.

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MDLIVE Mobile App

Text LevelCareHealth to 635-483 to get started & download the MDLIVE app from the app store.

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For more information visit: 

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