Medicare Eligible Prescription & Pharmacy Coverage

Medicare eligible retirees are covered through AETNA Medicare Part D Prescription Plan.

Aetna Pharmacy Contact Information

Please see below contact information for members to reach Aetna Pharmacy and various areas, via phone, fax and mail:

Member Services: 800.594.9390 (TDD/TTY: 711)

Rx Department: 888.792.3862 – Member number for specific Rx inquiries.

Rx Pre-Authorization: 800.414.2386 – Provider number for prior authorization requests.

Pharmacy Services: 800.641.6444 – Provider number for Rx claim inquiries.

Rx Fax: 877.270.3317 – Providers may fax authorization requests to this number.

Rx Claims Submission Address:

Aetna Pharmacy Management

PO Box 52446

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2446

Aetna Medicare Website 

  • No need to log in to find plan specific Rx information, but do also have direct access to login to their Aetna online member account (or enroll if not yet signed up). 

Features include: 

  • Manage Prescription Drugs –  Here members can download or view formularies, changes to the formulary and drugs requiring prior-authorization. Members will need to know which formulary to access from the drop down list which is on the benefit summary.  The Empire group should access GRP B2 (5 Tier) and all others should access GRP B2 Plus (3 Tier).
  • Find a Doctor, Pharmacy or Other Provider – Here members can locate a Network Pharmacy. They’ll need to input some basic location information as well as know which network to select. That information is also on the benefit summary. The Empire group should access the P1 Network and all others should access the S2 Network.
  • Set up Mail Order - Once on this Locate a Network Pharmacy page, members also check to see if they can fill their prescription by mail order.
  • Find other key information like Aetna phone numbers, mailing addresses, information on Aetna’s STAR Rating and download essential forms.

Aeta Medicare Rx Plan Design and Benefits

Effective January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019