Effective January 1, 2021, the HRA Benefit has changed to Direct Deposit only.

If you have not updated your information on the HRA Portal, please click the button. For information on how to update your information, please see the video below.

Carpenters HRA

The Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) benefit will help cover your eligible out-of-pocket medical / dental expenses. Your HRA is funded through employer paid contributions based on hours worked. These contributions can be accessed by the Participant as a tax-free reimbursement that can be used to cover many gaps in your health coverage, including other group health plan and non-ACA marketplace premium and co-pay costs.

How to Access Your HRA Funds and Submit Claims for Reimbursement

HRA MasterCard
NCF HRA MasterCard

HRA MasterCard

The HRA Payment Card is a faster, easier way to access your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) contributions. If you are an HRA-eligible Participant, you will receive two (2) HRA Payment Cards at your home address for your and your family to use.


Your cards are credited with the HRA contributions paid to the Fund office on your behalf. They can be used, instead of cash, to pay for qualified health care expenses such as:

  • Prescriptions
  • Coinsurance
  • Copayments
  • "amount due" on medical statements
HRA Web Portal

HRA Web Portal

Check Your HRA Balance, File A Claim, And More!

File a claim, view your account activity and check your HRA account balance on demand.

Default username will be:

Your first initial, followed by your last name and the last 4 digits of your social security number.

For example: Joe Wages SS# ends in 1234. His username would be “jwages1234“.

Default Password: “carpenters” (all lowercase)

You will be able to change your password after you log in.

HRA Mobile App

HRA Mobile App

Access Your HRA From Anywhere At Anytime

Set account alerts and notifications via text message. You can even take a picture of a receipt and upload it right from your phone.

Login credentials will be the same as the web portal.

Search "Northeast Carpenters Fund HRA" where you download your apps.

NCF HRA MasterCard, Web Portal and Mobile App Video

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HRA Frequently Asked Questions

Both cards have my name on it. Can my spouse use this card?

Yes, all cards are issued in the employee’s name. Please have your spouse sign the back of the card if they wish to use it. You can also have your adult child sign the back of the card if you chose to give your dependent a card.

Can I get extra cards for my dependents over 18?

Yes, cards can be ordered via the Member Portal by clicking on “Profile”, then “Banking/Cards”. The cost is $5 per additional set of cards, and the funds are deducted from the member’s HRA balance. If you need assistance, you can order them through the Fund Office.

Are cards mailed to all members?

Cards are mailed out to all eligible members, Active or Retired, if their HRA balance is greater than the activation amount of $2,000.00. The cards are mailed directly from the card vendor located in Indiana. They are in an envelope with the NCF Edison return address. If you do not receive your cards please call the Fund Office to verify your mailing address and/or to check your eligibility. 

Do I still have to fill out an HRA claim form and submit an itemized bill, proof of payment and an EOB when applicable for each claim?

Yes. All the same HRA rules still apply and you must upload all the requested documents in order for your claim to be paid promptly. This is an IRS regulated benefit. You are required to save all of your original receipts in the event the Fund Office needs to verify the submitted expenses are valid and in compliance with the IRS rules. Please note each claim form has a Fraud Warning directly above the Member Signature line.

Where can I get HRA claim forms?

Click here to download the HRA claim form. Forms are also available in the Web Member Portal. Sign in, and go to Tools/Support and click on claim form.

How do I find out if my Pharmacy accepts this HRA credit card?

Visit www.sig-is.org. You do not have to sign in just use the Store Locator box. Enter your zip code and look for any red flag pharmacy locations. If you have a recurring prescription filled through the RX mail order program, you can switch your payment option to the HRA credit card Just check your HRA balance first.

What’s the fastest way to get my HRA claim paid?

Click here to access the HRA Member Portal.

Your username for the Portal and the App will be: the first initial of your first name and then your full last name with the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Your password will be “carpenters” -all lower case, until you change it.

For example, if John Smith’s Social Security ends in -1234, his login information would be:

Username: jsmith1234

Password: carpenters

After you have reset your password and provided your email address you must update your Banking information in your Profile. This can only be done through the Web Portal not in the mobile APP. Once you add your bank information you can submit your claim through the mobile App or the HRA web-portal. The Fund Office will pay uploaded claims weekly. The money will be deposited directly into your bank account. If you submit paper claims, payment could take up to thirty

How can I check my claim status?

Go to the HRA Member Portal, sign in and go to Message Center. Click on Update Notification Preferences. Complete your contact information. You can select to get a text or email for when your claim has filed, pended, denied or paid. You can also select to receive notification for why your claim was denied or pended, so that you can immediately respond with uploading the requested itemized receipt or proof of payment etc. Activating this notification feature will allow us to communicate quickly so that your eligible claims will get paid faster. You can also use the APP to check your claim status if you prefer not to receive texts or emails.

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