Vacation Benefit

Vacation Benefit Eligibility

You shall become a plan participant when your employer is required to make vacation payments from deductions in your pay (post tax) and sends them to the Vacation Fund on your behalf, pursuant to a written agreement between the Union and your employer.

Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union

If you choose to join the Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union, any vacation monies remitted to the Fund Office on your behalf will be transferred to the credit union twice a month. Participants will be sent a debit card and will have immediate access to vacation funds after they have been transferred. Your monthly union dues will be deducted from your credit union account on a quarterly basis.

Please note: You must keep (3) three months worth of dues plus $5.00 in your account at all times.

Vacation Withdraw Dates

Vacation withdraw dates
May - Once during the month.
December - Once during the first (3) weeks of the month.

Vacation Forms & Downloads

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